Immigration Act commencement and statement of changes in Immigration Rules

Reforms to the immigration appeals system in the Immigration Act 2014 are being phased in from 20 October 2014. Criminals will be deported and will not be able to appeal beforehand unless they face a real risk of serious irreversible harm. For those that do have an appeal right, they will only be able to appeal once.

In addition, new immigration rules will provide a system of administrative review through which case work errors will be corrected within 28 days rather than 12 weeks.

Further measures in the new Act are also being brought into force to limit the ability of immigration detainees to make repeat bail applications and to extend the powers of the Immigration Services Commissioner to combat rogue immigration advisers.

Powers are also being brought into force to enable the Home Office to implement the NHS health surcharge and changes to the process for giving notice of marriage or civil partnership to combat ‘sham’ marriages and civil partnerships.

Finally, the Tier 1 (Investor) route is being reformed following recommendations from the Migration Advisory Committee. The minimum investment threshold will be raised from £1m to £2m. The government has also announced that it will consult further on what sort of investment the route should encourage to deliver economic benefits to the UK and any other recommendations. A consultation document is expected to be published in due course.